3 Reasons Why Moving Into A Senior Living Center Can Be A Better Option Than Receiving In-Home Care

When you're struggling to safely perform normal daily activities like bathing, cleaning, and using the bathroom, you may be considering hiring an in-home caregiver to help you with them. Most seniors want to continue living at home, and an in-home caregiver allows them to accomplish that. However, in-home care isn't always the best option — you may want to consider moving into a senior living center instead. You'll no longer live in your home, but senior living offers several advantages over hiring an in-home caregiver. Read on to learn three reasons why moving into a senior living center can be a better option than using in-home care.

1. You'll Receive Better Access to Care

One of the main advantages that a senior living center has over in-home care is that it offers constant access to multiple caregivers. When you hire an aide for in-home care, it's only one aide, and they're usually only there for a portion of the day. It's possible to hire 24/7 home care, but it's extremely expensive. At a senior living center, you'll always have access to the care that you need. In addition, your care will also be more reliable — with in-home care, you run the risk of your caregiver not showing up due to car trouble or another emergency that prevents them from coming to your home. You won't encounter this risk when you move into a senior living center.

2. You Have More Opportunity for Social Interaction

Another advantage of moving into a senior living center is that you'll be residing with other people your age. Social isolation is a huge problem among seniors, so having easy access to opportunities to socialize is a huge advantage. These centers commonly offer planned social events that allow residents to get to know one another in a comfortable environment, so opportunities are always available.

3. You'll Still Maintain Your Independence

Finally, senior living centers still offer you the ability to live independently. Many seniors are wary about moving because they feel like they will give up control of their lives. Thankfully, this isn't the case — these centers aren't nursing homes, so they allow seniors to manage their own schedules and come and go as they please. Nursing homes are for seniors who require a higher level of care, so it's necessary to limit what residents are able to do in order to keep everyone safe. At one of these centers, you'll still retain full control over your life while receiving the help that you need in order to manage the activities of daily living.

If you're thinking about hiring an in-home caregiver to help you safely continue living at home, consider moving into a senior living center instead. Contact centers in your area and ask about their amenities and what social programs they offer to their residents. By moving, you'll have greater access to the care that you need while still being able to live life independently.

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