Key Queries To Ask During An Assisted Living Facility Visit

Before you bring your loved one to an assisted living facility, you want to ensure their needs will be met. You also want to ensure they'll live in a friendly environment and have fun while you are away. But, if you have never searched for such a facility, you may not know how to identify a suitable one. In such a case, one of the best ways to handle this selection process is to visit the facility and talk to the service providers. This way, you'll eliminate any doubts or misconceptions you may have. Besides, you'll interact with the team and understand the community culture better. Below are questions you can ask. 

Do the Staff Operate All Hours?

Although most communities provide staff 24/7, the rules may vary from one facility to another. So before a loved one joins, confirm if their staff operates at all hours. This is particularly significant if you know your loved one may need assistance during odd hours. Note that some facilities provide fewer staff at night if many residents sleep through the night. Also, ask about the services available during the day.

How Do You Determine Each Resident's Level of Care?

Most facilities have a designated care model that determines the level of care each resident needs and the service rates. So, understand that it is perfectly normal for someone to conduct a detailed assessment of your loved one before moving in. More importantly, this procedure will assist the staff in determining if the senior will need standard care or a customized care plan. Note that a personalized care plan will attract a higher cost but will ensure your family member is cared for. Also, ask how often they allow their clients to change their care plans and how to switch plans.

What If a Senior Has a Medical Condition?

If a senior has a medical condition needing specialized care, such as Parkinson's, high blood pressure, or diabetes, you will have to discuss this in advance. In this case, learn what healthcare services are availed to such residents in advance to determine if the facility will be an ideal fit for a loved one. Also, ask if they provide special diets for residents battling certain healthcare conditions. You may even take a meal or check the menu to confirm the daily meals the residents will consume.

Although services in assisted living facilities may vary, you still need to ensure your loved one is happy and contended. Note that they might feel lonely during the early days, but life will be more fun once they adjust. So ask as many questions as possible and consider the answers before making a choice.

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