Signs You Should Consider Assisted Living For Your Loved One

Although most seniors wish to age in place, there are instances when this might not be realistic. Given this, assisted living is an excellent solution for seniors who want to enjoy life as they grow older. This is because the communities are dedicated to ensuring that their residents remain safe and retain their physical and mental health over the years. But how can you tell that it's time to bring your parent or guardian to an assisted living community? You should know that most families find it difficult to decide, but it might be time to move in if the seniors can no longer take care of themselves when you aren't around. Here are things to look out for and decide if it's time to make the move. 

They Aren't Taking Medications as Instructed

If your loved one is under medication for a particular condition, they should take their drugs as instructed. Note that some seniors may be able to take the pills, but they will forget to go for refills. On the other hand, some keep piles of outdated medication, so it may be challenging to determine if they still take their required prescriptions. Once you see signs of medication mismanagement, you should be worried because it can cause serious health consequences, like overdoses and other side effects.

They Can't Keep Up With Household Chores

When you get to an elderly adult's home, monitor how they handle their household routine. Do they do their laundry as diligently as they did before? What about the floors? If you can see spills and dust even though they sweep each day, it could mean they struggle to handle household chores.

They Aren't Eating Well

Although appetites for elderly adults change as they age, it's crucial to ensure they eat nutritious meals to remain healthy. Unfortunately, most seniors may avoid eating or focus on specific foods over others. So, if you realize that they have lost or gained weight drastically, have expired items in the kitchen, or the fridge is empty, you should be concerned. 

They Have Difficulties Getting Around

Good balance declines with age, so it's typical for seniors to struggle to move around over time. Given this, falls or bumps may occasionally occur, resulting in bruises or severe injuries. So when you visit your loved one, determine if they have challenges getting around. Note that you should be concerned if they have multiple injuries from falls or bumps. In such a case, the house could be unsafe for them.

If you notice one or several problems, do not hesitate to recommend an assisted living facility. More so, outline the benefits of residing in the community to offer reassurance. Once a senior accepts your offer, you should find the best facility in your locality. Visit to check out the amenities to determine if they suit the needs of your loved one before they move in.

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