Why In-Home Cancer Care Is More Important Than Ever

When it comes to receiving treatment for cancer both during and after the surgical and/or radiation and chemotherapy process, in-home care is an option. This saves people a trip to the doctor's office, and it can make a big difference in the recovery of a cancer patient, especially when they're working hard to recover their strength after going through long-term treatment. If you or someone you care about are going through cancer treatment right now, then there's a very good reason why you should consider switching to home care.

COVID-19 Dangers

Right now, COVID-19, the coronavirus pandemic, is still raging. This disease is dangerous for everyone, but people with weakened immune systems from treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are at a higher risk of becoming severely ill, should they contract the disease. As a result, you should be doing everything possible to avoid coming into contact with this disease. Unfortunately, every trip outside of the house increases the risk of coming into contact with the illness. As a result, limiting the appointments that require going to a doctor's office as much as possible isn't a bad idea at all.

Immunocompromised People

Part of the reason why cancer patients in particular are at risk is that their fellow patients are also immunocompromised. Since the immune systems are weaker and don't do as good a job of fighting off the illness, it's more likely for an immunocompromised person to be carrying the illness and spreading it to others than if it was someone with a normal, healthy immune system. While skipping treatments or appointments is not an option at this time, minimizing the number of trips you make to a doctor's office that specializes in cancer treatment could potentially reduce your risk of contracting the illness. 

Reducing Risk

Most cancer patients require regular appointments with their doctors to monitor their health both during and after treatment. This ensures that they're receiving adequate nutrition, have good healthy blood values and functioning cardiovascular system, and can treat problems like dehydration or low vitamin values. These are all things that can be tested and treated in the comfort one of one's own home, however.

By signing up for in-home health care, you can reduce the number of trips made outside the house. The nurse or doctor who comes to treat you or your loved one will be the only contact you have with the outside world, and they will be taking special care to be clean and fastidious to prevent the spread of illness.

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