Assisted Living: When Is It Time To Consider This Life Transition?

Assisted living is a type of living situation in which you receive some care to help you remain comfortable as you transition into different stages of life. Some people go into assisted senior living, while others go into assisted living because of a medical condition, mental handicap, or other concern. Still others go into an assisted living facility on a temporary basis following an injury or surgery.

For you, assisted living is a life-changing choice, and one you should not take lightly. In the end, it all comes down to how well can you take care of yourself on your own, and how much assistance would you like to have if you have access to it?

When it's right to consider the life transition to assisted living is different for everyone. If you're considering going into assisted living for yourself, then pay attention to the following signs you may be ready for this transition.

You have a severe medical issue

If you have a medical issue that needs constant care, such as diabetes or you're on oxygen, then your condition is likely to get more complicated as you get older. Rather than wait until you need more medical care, consider assisted living to see how it can benefit you in the near future and make your health more vital.

You have trouble getting everything done

Are you having a hard time keeping up with your everyday activities and chores? If your house is getting cluttered, your landscaping needs some work, and you have a hard time with hygiene and other self-care needs, speak to your doctor to see if assisted living can provide you the assistance you need. You can also have assisted living-type help come to your home in the form of in-home care.

You have limited outside help

As you get older, you naturally rely more on family and friends to assist you in your regular care. If you don't have lots of family and friends nearby or your support is limited due to the schedules of family members, then assisted living can provide you the solution you need to fill the gaps. The type of assisted living care you need will be determined by your actual needs and your mental and physical capacities.

Your doctor or trusted medical care specialist can help you determine if assisted living is right for you. Once you make a decision to go into assisted living, you can start transitioning into a new stage of your life.

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