5 Common Myths About Assisted Living

If you are having trouble keeping up with basic household tasks or can't move around as easily, you may be considering assisted living. However, you may be hesitant to move into a facility because you have heard some bad things about assisted living. It is important to know fact from fiction.

Here are some common myths about assisted living you should not believe.

Assisted Living Is Just for the Sick and Disabled

When many people think about assisted living centers, they imagine a facility full of sick people. While some residents have health conditions like Alzheimer's, others are still in good health. Some residents are there to receive assistance with meal preparation and housekeeping or meet other people their age.

Assisted Living Forces You to Give Up Your Independence

Some seniors shy away from assisted living because they are afraid they will not have any independence. However, this could not be further from the truth. When you live in an assisted living facility, you are free to move around as you please. You can choose to participate in a wide range of activities, from group fitness to arts and crafts, and have your basic needs taken care of.

Seniors Will Feel Alone

Another concern some people have about moving into an assisted living facility is that they will be lonely. However, at an assisted living facility, you will get to enjoy a wide range of social activities and form friendships with people your age. Your family members can also visit you at the facility you reside in.

There Is Not Any Privacy

If you live in an assisted living facility, you can actually have as much privacy as you want. Residents get their own private rooms where they can sleep and relax. If you feel like being alone one day, you can just stay in your comfortable room.

Meals Do Not Taste Good

A common myth about assisted living facilities is that they serve plain and unappetizing food. However, most assisted living facilities hire skilled chefs to cook nutritious and flavorful meals for residents. When you reside at an assisted living center, you can enjoy tasty meals on a daily basis. 

As you can see, there are a lot of misconceptions about assisted living out there. If you are thinking about moving into an assisted living facility, you should schedule a tour with a facility in your area to learn more.

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