3 Helpful Tips For Visiting Your Loved One In A Memory Care Facility

Maintaining your relationship with a loved one who is in a memory care facility is important, and an essential part of this process involves visits. Visiting with your loved one is a great way to stay in close contact and remind them that you care. However, you do want to be mindful of your visits. To keep your loved one safe and to ensure an enjoyable experience, there are some tips you should keep in mind.

1. Plan Visits Wisely

It's best to put some thought into when you will visit your loved one. This step is important for a couple of reasons. First, you should not visit when you're in a crunch for time. You're more likely to be irritated and less patient, and if your loved one isn't having a good day, this scenario could lead to an unpleasant visit. 

Second, look at the community calendar ahead of time to see what times your loved one is participating in any group activities or therapies. You want to be sure that when you visit, you have plenty of time to spend with your loved one without any interruption. 

2. Bring an Activity

It's a good idea to think about some activities you can take with you on your visit. Bringing along an activity that your loved one once enjoyed is a great way to connect with him or her during the visit. For example, if your loved one enjoyed singing, you could bring a small speaker to connect to your smartphone so that the two of you could listen to music together. 

If your loved one enjoyed drawing, maybe you could bring colored pencils and a pad. Familiar objects often spark the interest of people with memory-harming conditions, so this small gesture can go a long way. 

3. Keep Safety in Mind

Always keep the safety of your loved one in mind. The first part of this process involves leaving their living space in the same condition it was when you came. For example, if you brought an art pad and colored pencils, make certain you have collected all the supplies when you live. Even a small object can be harmful to your loved one in this condition. 

You should also let the staff know when you leave. In many communities, staff members will adjust their rotations when family members are present to allow for more privacy. When you let a staff member know you're leaving, they will be sure to follow up and check in with your loved one as normal. 

Try to keep these tips in mind as you plan your visits to the memory care facility. 

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