Senior Living Communities Vs Assisted Living Communities

As seniors age, they may begin to explore different living situations. It often doesn't make sense to stay in a home all on their own when there's no one else around. There are many different senior living options available to individuals who are ready for a new life. Some seniors may need a bit of extra help in their daily life and an assisted living home may be the best choice. Others just need a community geared toward seniors but don't need extra help, so a senior living community may be a good place to go. Keep reading to better understand each of these options: 

What is a Senior Living Community? 

Senior living communities are places where seniors live in close quarters to each other. They may live in apartments or homes in a set community. A senior living community, also known as an independent living community is the perfect place for a senior who wants fewer responsibilities with homeownership. There are plenty of activities, events, and community facilities for seniors to use. They can make friendships with other seniors and there is always something fun to do. The best part is, the community is well taken care of and there are fewer responsibilities for seniors, so they can live a stress-free, relaxing life in their senior years.

What is an Assisted Living Community?

An assisted living community is a bit different. It's a place where seniors live, but it's geared towards individuals who need a bit more help with their daily needs. Residents can get help with different needs, like bathing, cooking, cleaning, and basic health care. When living in an assisted living community, there are still plenty of activities and events for residents to enjoy and they do have some freedom over their day to day life and schedule. The main difference with this kind of community is there is extra help when it's needed.

How to Decide on the Right Community

If you or an aging loved one is ready to move to a new home, you'll want to consider their individual needs, health situation, and abilities. This can help to make it easier to decide on an assisted living community or a senior living home. Either option can provide a fulfilling, happy, and social life.

If you're ready to explore assisted living options, reach out to an assisted living community in your area to schedule a tour, and discuss their offerings. 

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