Tips For Roommates In Assisted Living Homes

The transition that involves moving to an assisted living community can be a difficult one. In many cases, your loved one will have a roommate, something they have not had in a while. Getting used to a roommate after so long may feel very difficult, but it is also very important. 

How can you ease the transition into assisted living and having roommates? These steps will help you ease your loved one into the transition.

Communicate Openly

Communication is important in all cases that involve roommate issues. If your loved one has a problem with their assisted living room or roommate, they need to tell somebody. Sometimes direct communication with the roommate or the staff members at the assisted living community is beneficial and resolves the problem entirely.

Check Out Additional Privacy Options

Assisted living options come in many varieties. If you are able to spend more for additional privacy, you might consider this option. If a roommate simply doesn't work, it is a good idea to discuss your financial options and think about getting a private room or moving to a different facility.

Make a Good First Impression

It is helpful to make a good first impression with a potential roommate. This means ensuring that your loved one enters the room in a positive way and is friendly with the roommate whenever possible. This can be a difficult situation for everybody.

Encourage Thoughtful Behavior

Your loved one can also provide some positivity simply by being thoughtful. If they are sure to be quiet at night and in the morning, they earn a lot of points with their roommate. It is also thoughtful to have visitors in the common areas if possible. Assisted living facilities may differ in what they can offer.

Encourage Participation in Community Events

Next, encourage your loved one to participate in the events held by the assisted living center. This encourages them to spend time out of the room, giving their roommate some privacy. This also helps your loved one's social life by allowing them to make friends and get to know people in the home.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Questions can help ease some of your concerns about an assisted living facility, including your loved one's social and rooming needs. When you have questions, a staff member can help you. If you are considering assisted living options, consider the rooming situations ahead of time.

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